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Stages of treatment?

Step 1.


Following tooth removal, the extraction socket is allowed to heal in order to enable the formation of new bone in the hole left behind in the jaw by the extracted tooth is allowed to heal.

A temporary tooth can be inserted during this time so that no gap is visible.


Step 2.


Next the implant is placed under local anesthetic, possibly with sedation.

The implant is left for 6-8 weeks to heal. The tianium of the implant will fuse with the bone in the mouth, providing a strong, stable and long-lasting platform for the tooth to be fixed upon.

During this time a temporary tooth can be inserted to fill the gap.


Step 3.


Next a titanium post (abutment) is screwed into the implant and a crown is then inserted on top of the post. The crown is custom made by hand in a dental laboratory to match in with your own teeth, so that your implant will be indistinguishable from a natural tooth.

Your smile is now complete, and the implant will function as a natural tooth. 

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