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What influences costs?

Modern dental implantology is an exacting field where there are many considerations to be made. The cost reflects the level of skill and training required in order to carry out such complex reconstructions.


A single tooth at the front of the mouth is probably the most complex case requiring high levels of skill and ability to create a natural result and this must be reflected in the final cost to the patient.


It must be borne in mind that dental implantology is akin to hip and knee replacement and thus the skills required to carry this out are reflected in the costs.


Various materials are available for the construction of crowns and bridges and this is a consumer choice offered by us to our patients. Hence there are variables in cost at this level.


As well as the surgical skills required, implant reconstructions require a highly skilled team of dental technicians such as metalworkers who craft the titanium components as well as making the metal supports for the new teeth. We also need skilled ceramists who can create the natural contours of the teeth with porcelain.


Because each individual case is dependent on a number of factors, it is not possible to give an exact indication of total treatment without a comprehensive examination of each individual case. However, a guide to the costs involved is provided by our implant price-list.


A comprehensive examination will be carried out by the implant surgeon and initial x-rays and impressions for study models will be taken. The x-rays will help the dentist evaluate the length, depth and width of quality bone  in which to place the implant as well as minimising  risks to adjacent structures during placement. The study models are diagnostic tools to assist in treatment planning.


A written summary will then be provided, detailing the treatment planning discussion. The summary will highlight your current dental situation and any alternatives there are to dental implants. A treatment plan or plans will be provided, detailing the number of implants required, with costings as appropriate for your particular case. The summary will include an overview of the anticipated treatment stages and give you some idea of how long treatment is likely to take.  Other issues specific to your case will also be highlighted.

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