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Implant Price List

For a limited period, implants, including crowns from £2400




New Patient Examination incl all intra-oral x-rays

(incl discussion of implant feasibility and options)


Full implant assessment                                                £150.00

Anterior Implants

(An implant and crown at the front of the mouth)     

   from £2400.00

Posterior Implants

(An implant and crown at the back of the mouth)        £2400.00

Guided bone regeneration

(A minor bone repair performed
 at implant placement)

from £250


Block bone grafting

(A larger bone graft done as a separate
 procedure before implant placement)                               from  £1300.00

Connective tissue grafting

(For more natural -looking gum, especially 
around anterior implants)                                                    from  £345.00

Summer's lift 

(A small sinus bone graft 
performed at implant placement)                                                                              

from  £250.00

Sinus bone grafting

(A larger sinus bone graft done separately 
before  implant placement. Price is per side)

from  £1245.00


Any quotation before this date will be charged at the original fee.


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