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Covid-19 Pre-Appointment Information

Medical History Form for New Patients
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Practice Leaflet
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Thank you for being patient with us during the lockdown. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic we have made some changes to our protocols. We will be allowing suitable gaps between appointments for enhanced cleaning protocols and creating clinics specifically for those patients that are identified as being vulnerable, to help minimise contact with others for these people while they are at the practice.



Patient Attendance Procedure


  • The patient should use a toilet, if required, before attending the practice
  • The patient should only bring minimal belongings into the practice with them
  • The patient should attend alone wherever possible or with one other person if absolutely necessary
  • Patients will be screened using the standard respiratory illness screening questions and if now categorised in the respiratory pathway and their treatment cannot not be deferred, they will be seen at the practice at a time or place separate from other patients
  • All non-respiratory patients are required to wear at least a simple face covering when they attend
  • All respiratory patients are required to wear surgical facemasks (Type II or Type IIR) which is provided if necessary
  • If the patient requires a chaperone, they should be advised of the practice policy on chaperones
  • The patient will enter the building. This procedure will be discussed with the patient, by the reception team, prior to their appointment 
  • The patient to apply hand gel when entering the building. Hand gel located by the stairs on the ground floor
  • The patient waiting area is open for patients to come in 
  • The patient will report to the reception team and another Covid-19 screening will be completed 
  • Patients will be screened using the standard COVID-19 screening questions and will be put into either a respiratory or non respiratory care pathway. If a patient comes under a respiratory care pathway, further precautions will be made and treatment my be deferred if the appointment isn't urgent  
  • Any patient belongings will be placed in a designated area in the surgery,  which will be disinfected after use
  • Once entering the surgery and the patient is in the dental chair, they are asked to remove their mask
  • At the end of treatment, the patient will be asked to place their mask back on, before heading out to the reception desk. The patient will apply hand gel before leaving the building

Any further questions?

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